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Deep Tissue Massage

Are you experiencing excessive stress and muscle tension? Have you been looking for a way to reduce chronic pain? If this describes your situation, then Mina Massage Therapy can definitely help. My name is Mina Moghadam and I am a qualified professional masseuse operating within Wailuku, HI and other surrounding areas. I specialize in providing deep tissue massage services that are specifically customized to target the problematic areas of your body, thereby improving your overall health and well-being. The firm strokes employed during a deep tissue massage are proven to reduce chronic pains, improve blood pressure, improve movement of injured muscles, relieve stress and also assist in the healing of scar tissue. Over many years of training and practice, I have mastered the art of administering highly effective deep tissue massages which will leave you feeling completely renewed and refreshed at the end of each session. Call me today to make an appointment. I look forward to serving you.

Are you looking to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian massage within Wailuku, HI? Well, you are definitely in luck because Mina Massage Therapy offers the finest Lomi Lomi massage services at a reasonable price. As one of the most skilled Lomi Lomi massage therapists in Wailuku, HI, you can be sure that I’ll perform an excellent job which will improve your physical condition and state of mind. Having studied this ancient Hawaiian art for a long period of time, you can be certain that I am fully competent to provide an unmatched experience which cannot be found anywhere else. Lomi Lomi massage involves using long continuous strokes to relieve tension, improve circulation and relaxation. If you are taking a vacation in Wailuku, HI, come over to Mina Massage Therapy and I promise to offer exceptional services that will keep you coming back again and again. Book an appointment online by visiting

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